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The Resolution Solution

Happy New Year from our kitchen to yours! We hope your 2015 is off to an auspicious start.


Have you started ticking off those resolutions, or are you still saving them for tomorrow? We know how it is: New Year’s resolutions can feel daunting, invigorating, and humbling all at the same time.

“Could my body possibly run that much?”
“There’s nothing I can’t set my mind to!”
“How have I managed to put off ‘Stop procrastinating’ another year?”

Well, we have a couple of easy ways to kick-start those resolutions. A resolution solution, if you will. 


Salute the small stuff

Don’t get overwhelmed by the marathon you’ve committed yourself to—be it Boston, New York, or Real Housewives of Atlanta. Each mile (er, episode) is a step towards that finish line. Praise yourself along the way, even as you push through setbacks.

Make many strides at once

Here are a few of our New Year’s resolutions. Any of these on your list, too? 

  • Expand my horizons
  • Find balance
  • Treat my body well
  • Make time for myself
  • Make time to connect with my family
  • Be present
  • Appreciate the small things
  • Get organized
  • Stay calm and cook on


We’ve found that Green Chef can help with all of the above.

Having ingredients pre-measured and prepped makes it easy to keep an organized kitchen, and schedule. Cooking quick recipes that cut out the shopping, planning, and prepping mean more time to focus on you and yours. A unique menu each week from a team of talented, creative chefs means trying new ingredients (bison meatloaf, anyone?), plus new twists on old favorites (we’re looking at you, veggie crab cakes). The simple act of slowing down and cooking can be surprisingly cathartic, and is a great way to acknowledge the good stuff you’re putting in your body. Closing the laptop and honoring dinnertime let’s us appreciate what’s on our plates and who’s around the table.


Wishing you a joyful and nourishing year,

-Team Green Chef



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