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Celebrating Mom

Still not sure how to treat Mom (or yourself) to a relaxing Mother’s Day?

Corn_Cakes_with_Arugula_Wk_29-056If you got a Green Chef delivery this week, you’re in luck. From lemon chicken primavera, to our cornmeal-based take on savory pancakes (with an egg on top), this week’s meals are the perfect way to tell Mom “Thanks.” And if you’re the mom of the house, don’t be afraid to hand the recipe card over, kick up your feet, and let another chef take the reigns.

Sharing Green Chef is a great way to show the moms you love that you care week after week. We’re running a special deal this weekend—new customers only—in honor of all the amazing mothers out there. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to cook for Mom, to help her save time in the kitchen, or to share a great deal with the moms you love, this link’s for you.

Happy Mother’s Day!
(Love you, Mom.)


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