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Skin to Seed: 9 Pumpkin Recipes We Love

Ah, the pumpkin.

It’s equal parts cute (admit it, you’re emotionally attached to that baby pumpkin on the windowsill) and delicious. What’s more, it’s packed with vitamins A and C, fiber, beta-carotene, potassium, and wrinkle-fighting carotenoids! This good-for-you squash is great for so much more than lattes and pie.

Here are nine of our favorite ways to enjoy this versatile veggie:

1) As a bowl

Look out, sourdough. There’s a new edi-bowl in town. And it goes really, really well with pumpkin (or butternut squash) soup.

2) In a tagine

If you’ve only consumed pumpkin as puree, you’re missing out. This sweet squash will bring your next root veggie medley to a new level of comfort. It’s great roasted, and fantastically tender cooked in a tagine or clay pot.

3) With your pasta

Creamy pumpkin puree + whole wheat rigatoni, kale, ricotta, and walnuts  = the ultimate autumn ziti.


Photo credit: Green Chef


 4. Pesto-style

We love our pepita pesto tossed with shrimp, summer squash, and linguine — but we’d also love dipping warm bread in it as a starter. Or on a grilled cheese sandwich. In fact, it’s hard to think of a meal we wouldn’t want to add this to.

Photo credit: Green Chef

Photo credit: Green Chef

5. In your oatmeal

There’s nothing like waking up with some pumpkin in your oatmeal…or oatmeal in your pumpkin.

6. And your smoothie

Super smooth, hearty, and packed with nutrients, pumpkin puree makes an ideal base for a warmly spiced smoothie.

Photo credit: Meal Makeover Moms

7. After your workout

Pump(kin) up your morning with a post-workout quinoa and pumpkin parfait.

8. On your salad

Spice up your salads all year round with pepitas (pumpkin seeds). We’re especially fond of pairing them with some sweetness and spice. Case in point: this Tex-Mex chicken salad with kale, strawberries, radish, and a jalapeño-agave vinaigrette.

Photo credit: Green Chef

Photo credit: Green Chef

9. On the rocks 

Because pumpkin butter makes everything better — and always plays nice with bourbon.


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