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Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving! We love this day — and not just for the amazing food. We love that it means taking the time to pause and think about all that we’re grateful for (including that amazing food). And we love it for the traditions — big and small, nostalgic and new — that help bring us together.

Here are just a few of our beloved T-Day traditions. We hope you’re enjoying yours!

“We take a moment before digging into the feast to express what it is we are thankful for in life. It’s always a sweet moment, and an opportunity for us to reflect and express our gratitude.” –Brittany M.

“A traditional dish for my family was always sweet potato casserole with a brown sugar, butter, and pecan topping. It was a recipe from my mom’s mom. We loved it so much that we would always have it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My siblings and I would often fight over the topping. It’s one tradition that I was sad to have to let go of because of my daughter’s food allergies (nuts and eggs, both of which are in the dish).

Our new tradition is that I host Thanksgiving for my family. It happened by accident, actually. Three years ago, the day before Thanksgiving, I got a call from my dad, telling me that their refrigerator went out and they needed to store everything at my house. My brother drove up that night with the turkey and sides. Since then, I’ve been hosting. My family likes it… kinda… because as a chef I make more “elevated” dishes — but they don’t clear out quite as fast as that sweet potato casserole.” –Chef Dana

“Football and Bond movie marathons.” –Jake M.

“I now to go my wife’s family gathering, where there’s one strange thing: a lack of stuffing! On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, they gather all their friends and family for an annual kickball game. It’s a fun way to see everyone from their extended network who’s back in town for the holiday.” –Matt S.

“My turkey tradition is that I always use Alton Brown’s turkey brine. It’s foolproof and amazing.” –Chef Sara

“We do Thanksgiving with a group of families, and everyone there knows you better be extra nice to the dad of the house if you want access to the good stuff: extra-hot bites of turkey with extra-crisp skin, gifted to onlookers as he carves the bird; and a glass of whatever incredible wine he has in his nice decanter, tucked away from the rest of the booze.” –Jaclyn E.

“We go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. It’s a pretty great way to see where everyone stands near the end of the year, and what they are looking forward to in the next year!” –Sarah A.

“My mom always makes oyster stuffing for my granddad. It’s not my favorite, or anyone else’s other than my granddad, but it’s always made. She’ll go get oysters from the fishing village, right out of the beds, and then makes the stuffing with the oysters, cornbread, and some secret spices. Regardless of whether anyone eats the dish, it is always made, in an 8 x 10 baking dish.  My personal Thanksgiving ‘tradition’ is putting gravy on everything on my plate. If it’s on the plate, it gets gravy.” –Bennett W.

“First, an easy-cleanup breakfast, which is often bagels. If you skimp on breakfast, once you start drinking wine, dinner will be too late. Also, a turkey trot! Get your run on in the morning so you feel entitled to the stuffing, potatoes, pie…” -Caroline P.

“For the past three years my college roommates and I have been traveling to different cities for karaoke marathons. I guess that makes it a tradition?” –Canadian Kevin


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