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The Green in Green Chef

The “green” in Green Chef means a lot of things. It’s about being green — through responsible sourcing and eco-friendly packaging and shipping practices. It’s a celebration of eating green (and your greens!) — with organic and sustainably grown, raised, and caught foods. It’s also a nod to the accessibility of Green Chef. We make cooking fun and easy for everyone, seasoned and “green” chefs alike.

We love hearing about how we’re helping others explore new flavors, learn new techniques, and gain confidence in the kitchen. Here are just a few quotes from our community of Green Chefs that made us smile:


“It was a great way to get us to cook outside our comfort zones. The cooking instructions are great. You end up getting a cooking lesson along with a great meal. It’s quite possible to take what you learn and then create your own meals!” -Frank C.

“It’s delicious, easy and fast. I’m learning new recipes and cooking styles!” – Suzi C.

“We love Green Chef! It helps us learn new recipes, helps manage our busy lives, and the food is great! We are on the Paleo menu.” -Anida D.

“I subscribe to the Paleo delivery and my household loves them. I’m saving a ton of time not meal planning and shopping. I enjoy cooking and it’s fun trying new dishes. Also the times I’m not up to cooking the man of the house easily steps in. Recipes are good for novice or experienced chefs.” -Genevieve D.

“My cooking game is getting strong! Thanks to @greenchef! Love getting our box every week. We love it! Makes the week easier! #dinnergamestrong…”@amykylin

“It has truly enabled me to expand what and how I cook.” -Shelley B.


Want to share your Green Chef experiences? Post with the tag #iamgreenchef or write us at feedback@greenchef.com.


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