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Stems with Benefits: Turmeric

Ah, turmeric…a subterranean stem of many splendors. It’s a spice. It’s a coloring agent. It’s an anti-inflammatory agent with antioxidant properties, a combination that’s been shown to bring relief to those suffering from joint disease and slow the spread of cancer cells. An essential ingredient in curry powder and yellow mustard, turmeric also does wonders on its own. It imbues foods with a golden yellow hue, vibrant aroma, and mild, peppery flavor. 

When we’re not drinking our turmeric, we’re using it to brighten dishes like these:


Chermoula Chicken Bowl
Turmeric supergrains, roasted red peppers, spinach

Chermoula Chicken_007


Tempeh Kofta
Currant & almond turmeric quinoa, herbed yogurt

Tempeh Kofta_007

Turmeric-Dusted Pork
Warm spinach & grape salad, Brussels sprouts

Turmeric Pork_001


Paleo Piri-Piri Chicken
Turmeric celeriac smash, creamy collard greens



Paleo Chicken Cacciatore
Turmeric arrowroot, zucchini pappardelle


Turkey Albóndigas
Mexican meatballs, romesco sauce, turmeric rice

Turkey Albondigas_007


Paleo Deconstructed Lamb Samosa
Turmeric-ghee veggies, sweet potato, cilantro-coconut chutney



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