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Just Like Mom Made: Mother’s Day Recipes From the Women Who Raised Us

When we think about Mother’s Day, most of us think about letting Mom kick back and relax — treating her to breakfast in bed or a nice dinner out. But when we think about Mom, most of us also think about Mom’s cooking. That’s why we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day with a Green Chef “Mom’s recipe” exchange — and by featuring a couple of those recipes in our menu.

Here are the stories behind our Taiwanese Scallion Pancakes and Rosemary Sirloin Steak — dishes inspired by the moms of Green Chef’s own Phil and Sam.


with hoisin-tamari veggies, fried egg & daikon kimchi
Inspired by Annie, mom of Green Chef’s Phil (Community).

A classic Taiwanese dish, these flaky-chewy cakes were a mainstay in Phil’s home growing up, playing double duty as late-night snack and breakfast go-to. We took a cue from the latter for Green Chef’s Scallion Cakes, pairing them with a fried egg, plus sautéed veggies and daikon kimchi.




What makes this dish so special to you?
It was hard to choose just one dish to represent my mom. There are certainly fancier dishes or more complicated dishes I cherish. But the one I kept going back to was the one that was the simplest — and the most comforting. My mom passed away almost 8 years ago. One of the things I would give up anything for in the world is to have one of her meals again. So it was very personal and awesome to be able to share a dish that means so much to me.

How would you describe your mom’s cooking?
My mom was an amazing cook. We ate dinner every night growing up at 6pm on the dot. My biggest regret is not appreciating it more. My mom was a foodie before the word foodie was ever uttered. We went out to eat often, and my mom introduced me to all types of foods and dishes at an early age. She would frequently tell people that I started eating uni before I was born since she ate a lot of it when she was pregnant with me (this is before people saying sushi was not something to eat while pregnant). Uni is definitely still one of my favorite all-time foods.


A young Phil and his mom, Annie

Do you make this dish now?
I don’t personally make this dish, but if I see it on the menu at a restaurant, I usually order it. My wife Kim makes a variation of it for breakfast since she knows it means a lot to me: a fried egg on toast!

Any Pro Tips for our home cooks?
Add a little bit of soy sauce to the fried egg if you have it. Just drop some right on top of that yolk!


ROSEMARY SIRLOIN STEAK (also available paleo)
with potato gratin, warm bacon & baby spinach salad
Inspired by Rosie, mom of Green Chef’s Sam (Customer Service).

The (bacon) salad is just as important as the steak and potatoes in this all-American dish. We’ve lightened up the potato gratin with a yogurt-based cream of mushroom, and dropped the dairy altogether for our paleo white sweet potato gratin.




What makes this dish so special to you?
I love the warmth and comfort in not only the taste but the smell of this dish. I am pretty sure it’s one of those desert-island foods, you know when you have to eat only one thing the rest of your life.

How would you describe your mom’s cooking?
My mom is a very unique cook! Throughout my childhood, she was always very busy with not only three kids but a barn full of animals. Growing up in Arizona we grilled a lot, so when she was in the kitchen it was always a special experience. My grandparents (Native American grandfather and European grandmother) taught my mom some interesting flavor combinations, which she adapted with a bit of a southern style.


Sam, Katie (sister), Ben (brother), Don (dad), Rosie (mom)

Do you make this dish now?
Surprisingly, I have not made it. I like to keep it special so it’s quite a treat when I go home to visit.

Any Pro Tips for our home cooks?
My mom would do the bacon last, while the steak rested. Once the bacon was cooked (and removed from the pan), and after tossing the salad with the dressing, she’d pour the drippings right on the salad. Then she’d crumble the bacon on top. It always guaranteed a good wilt.


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    Madeleine Prendergast
    May 3, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Delighted to read about the childhood of these two gents. Thank you for sharing your memories with us!

    My Mom grew up in war-torn Europe — World War II. The years of rationing may be why she relished prime rib with sauce Béarnaise (flavored with tarragon); or pork roast (flavored with rosemary) with gravy. Both were served with mashed potatoes with lots of butter.

    My sister and I were expected to help before during and after the meal. I remember returning to the kitchen after the tasty meals. Greasy plates, pots and pans everywhere!

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