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Beer Pairings for Memorial Day Dishes

If there’s one topic at Green Chef that triggers a passionate conversation, it’s beer. Our chefs have crafted an awesome menu for Memorial Day, so we asked our resident beer lovers to give us their take on which beers pair perfectly with the dishes you’ll be cooking with us this week. There are even a couple of hard cider recommendations for our gluten-free recipes. Cheers!


Coconut Curry Tempeh_100-6

Crispy Coconut Tempeh (Vegetarian): Forbidden black rice & Thai ginger-kale salad

Recommendation: Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave Golden Ale

Joey says, “Double-down on tropical flavors. Plenty crisp, a little citrusy, and with enough hops poking through, Big Wave finishes with a slightly sweet honey flavor that will complement the Coconut Tempeh perfectly.”


Recommendation: Stem Ciders Branch and Bramble (Gluten-Free)

Jojo says, “This raspberry and apple cider is just fruity enough to pair well with all of the sweet Thai flavors and just tart enough to balance and shine through all of the boldness of this dish. A true dry cider with no added sugar besides those naturally occurring in the fruits, Branch and Bramble is a favorite at our local curry house and probably my personal favorite that my boyfriend helps brew at this Denver cidery. It’s also gluten-free as most ciders are.”


Creole Sole: Smoky red beans & quinoa, sautéed squash & greens

Recommendation: Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen

Kyle says, “The low bitterness and tart yeast flavor matches the light flavored sole in this dish. A European-style wheat beer won’t overpower any of the flavors and is refreshing enough to quench your thirst during a spicy meal.”



Buttermilk-Brined Chicken (Gluten-Free): Mushrooms, potato & peas, arugula & fig salad

Recommendation: Colorado Cider Co. Grasshopp-ah Cider (Gluten-Free)

Archie says, “This cider goes well with this savory dish. The fusion of hop flowers and lemongrass accent the earthy mushrooms and potatoes. The crisp apple bite brings out the brighter notes (figs and peas) in the dish.”



Memorial Day Mozz Burger: Caramelized onion, tomato jam & bacon slaw

Recommendation: Xingu Black

Nick says, “This is a dark, roasty beer with a crisp, clean finish. It pairs with the charred meat of the burger, both in highlighting the natural characters of the meat and in cleaning the palette at the end of a sip. The natural fatty/salty/umami flavors from the bacon are enhanced by the darker, smoked malt in the beer.”


Recommendation: Brooklyn Summer Ale

Jake says, “Nothing welcomes summer better than a burger washed down with a summer ale. This is the perfect seasonal to complement a burger with tomato jam and bacon slaw.”






“There’s no bad beer, there’s some that just taste better than others.”



“I tend to like really powerful beers and generally don’t like lagers.”



“Beer is a fascinating historical beverage that you can make at home, or scale up to a high-tech multi-billion-dollar industry! The ultimate collaboration of person and beast, or ahem, YEAST!”



“I like different beers for different scenarios. In my mind, there is never a wrong beer, but there is always a right beer.”



Nick has been exploring the world of craft beer and food for a decade. He loves discovering new styles, ingredients, and methods of brewing to create great pairings.



Archie is our R+D Chef and resident gluten-free expert!


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