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Kernels of Truth: Corn Week

We’re featuring corn in a lot of our dishes for the week of July 25th. Why corn? Well as Executive Chef Dana puts it, “Because it’s delicious!” Our corn is picked at the peak of the season to retain as much of its natural sweetness as possible. And since we prep a lot of our ingredients for you, you can enjoy corn in a variety of ways next week without ever having to break down a full ear. Here’s what’s on the menu:


Black Beans with Corn_100-7

SMOKY ANCHO VEGGIE BOWL (VEGAN): Chipotle corn & beans, squash, lime-scallion rice


Burgur Stuffed Pepper_006

BULGUR-STUFFED PEPPER (VEGAN): Hemp-seed hummus, super greens & artichoke salad


Lemon_Garlic Tuna_100 (1 of 23)

LEMON-HERB TUNA (GLUTEN-FREE): Creamy dill potato salad, cucumber slaw, gremolata


Peach BBQ Cauliflower Wings_100 (9 of 23)

BBQ CAULIFLOWER “WINGS” (VEGETARIAN): Peach BBQ sauce, carrot & celery slaw, cornbread


Spanish Carrot Hash_100-7

SPANISH EGG ‘N’ HASH (VEGETARIAN): Saffron-porcini spice, potato & carrots, arugula


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