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#CookingwithGC Weekly Harvest · July 22

Every Friday, stop by the blog and see what our green chefs are cooking. We love seeing all of the photos you’re sharing, so keep it up! Here are some of our favorites from this week.


A perfect summer evening dinner #CookingWithGC @greenchef

A photo posted by Carina Miller (@carinajeanmiller) on


Making meal two from our first @greenchef box. #CookingWithGC

A photo posted by Courtney Kasun (@docckrn) on


First @greenchef adventure. Looks YUM!! ? #organic #cookingwithgc #nowastedproduce #recycledpackaging #BOOM

A photo posted by Heather Allison (@inlovewitheverydetail) on



Highly recommend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #cookingwithGC #mealdelivery #promiseiwontstartpostingfood #organic

A photo posted by Danielle Bergh (@dancepartyoftwo) on


Don’t forget to hashtag your photos on Twitter and Instagram with #CookingwithGC for a chance to win 1 free meal weekly.

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