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Steaktacular News: Meet the New Green Chef Steak

If you think about it, life is nothing but vast, empty spans of time in-between savory steak dinners. And life just got better: Green Chef now uses premium center-cut sirloin in our steak dishes.

To get our signature cut, we source humanely-raised, grass-fed steaks from the best family-owned farms. The steaks are then aged a few weeks before all the tough fat and gristle are removed from the edges.


Signature Steak_1-52


What you get is a tender, hand-trimmed, center-cut sirloin steak that’s sustainably-raised and antibiotic-free. Perfect in a recipe paired with fresh organic ingredients thoughtfully crafted by our chefs. Here are a couple of our recent steak dinners:


Moroccan Steak_100-3

Moroccan-Spiced Steak: Ginger gastrique, beet & carrot hash, pine nuts


Sirloin with Strawberries_100-6

Strawberry Balsamic Steak: Sautéed squash, kale salad, lemon goat cheese


When you get a Green Chef steak, we recommend searing it for 4-5 minutes on each side, then letting it sit about 3 minutes before plating.

We deliver all you need to make wholesome meals at home: fresh, organic, pre-measured ingredients and delicious, easy-to-master recipes. Sign up today!



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