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Weekly Harvest · September 23

Every Friday, stop by the blog and see what our green chefs are cooking. We love seeing all of the photos you’re sharing, so keep it up! Here are some of our favorites from this week.



The kids made Sunday dinner with the help of a green chef box delivery #iamgreenchef

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Who said you can't eat like a fat kid and still be vegan?? #greenchefvegan

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With a coupon from a neighbor, @lankydoug encouraged me to give #greenchef a try. It's one of those services that ship you fresh, organic ingredients with recipe cards to make a meal. This is the Braised Veggie Bowl. (I chose a vegetarian plan.) It has millet, kale, shallots, lemon, garlic, cauliflower, thyme, figs, hazelnuts, and egg, along with a French baguette. The pros: ingredients were individually packaged, well marked, and very fresh; instructions were clear and easy to follow; instructions said 40 minutes but working together, Doug and I made this meal in less than a half hour; meals are affordable at $10 per person; package said it feeds two but it fed three (@thepnezzy got the lucky surplus); it tasted good; it's perfect for inexperienced cooks and has a nice variety of ingredients you might not otherwise have. The cons: meals can be high in sodium so I would really have to watch and likely substitute for known offenders like bouillon. Calorie count can be high for those like me who are counting. Overall, I'd say for folks like us who are confident (and picky) cooks who like to improvise and create, it's more of a convenience to have on hand during busy weeks rather than something we would do regularly. We've got two more menus/ingredients in the frig, so I'll be anxious to give them a try. #iamgreenchef

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