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DIY Celery Stamp Crafts

Celery Stamp Craft for kids

Celery stalks harbor a beautiful secret. Cut the root end from the stems to reveal a stunning rose pattern. With a little help from paint, paper, and creativity, celery can be quickly transformed into a fun stamp craft for kids of all ages to enjoy.



Celery stalk bunch (at least one per child)
Paint jars & paint
Pack of large white t-shirts and/or aprons
White paper (a long piece of paper from a roll is best)
Plastic sheet to lay under craft area
Extra natural stamps like bell peppers, corn, and apples


Celery stamp craft idea for kidsCelery Stamp Craft for kids

Our team member Jeanine hosted a DIY vegetable printing day with her kids, and we wanted to share her secrets for a successful craft session. The key is to dedicate a spot where the children are free to get really dirty. Vegetable stamps border on finger painting territory, so dress your little artists in oversized white shirts and aprons to help keep the paint from getting everywhere. Next, simply cut the celery stalk at the base to create the rose pattern. Keep the stalks for makeshift paintbrushes and other stamp shapes, like scales on fish or half moons. The kids can also play with bell peppers and dry corn cobs to create more elaborate pieces of art.

Almost any vegetable can be made into a fun pattern, and your children will love exploring how food meets art. Here at Green Chef, the celery rose flower will always be a favorite.

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