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Introducing Music Monday: Pairing Food & Music

We’re excited to introduce Music Monday, a new series that pairs food with music. Every other week, we’ll curate a 30-minute playlist on Spotify to match the meals you’re cooking. Think of it as a mixtape, from us to you. This week’s playlist is brought to you by Kara from our Social & Content Team.



Because we’re launching on Halloween, I wanted to put together a Halloween playlist, but one that you’ll actually want to listen to. I think I speak for everyone when I say that “Monster Mash” is overrated. Maybe it’s because I watch one too many vampire shows on Netflix, but for me, “creepy” has always evoked images of the South, specifically Louisiana. The old French architecture and bayous are hauntingly beautiful, and the mystical lore surrounding the area makes it famous for voodoo, zombies, and vampires. Plus, the music scene is distinctive – a blend of folk, country, and blues that often leaves the listener a little bit unsettled.

After seeing recipes like chickpea “pot pie” and shrimp dishes on the menu this week, I knew I had to create a Southern Halloween playlist. Each song on this list, in its own way, brings me to Louisiana, where there are zombies from the Civil War, ancient vampires dancing in the streets of New Orleans, Creole voodoo love spells, and ghosts singing ballads amongst the weeping willow trees. – Kara


Happy Halloween, folks. And happy cooking.


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