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Ask Green Chef: What is Five-Spice?

Unlike a certain colonel with a penchant for chicken, we’re not secretive about the spices we use to create exciting, complex flavors—like our Chinese five-spice blend. Which five spices, you ask?

This pungent spice mixture is made of ground cinnamon, cloves, fennel seed, star anise, and black pepper. Cinnamon and cloves are aromatic, slightly sweet, and warming to taste. Fennel seed and star anise have hints of black licorice and light bitterness, while black pepper adds bite. Together, these spices’ strong flavors balance and complement one another.

Chinese five-spice blend makes an excellent seasoning for savory dishes. Next week, our Five-Spice Chicken and Five-Spice Sweet Potato recipes get this tantalizing treatment.



Five-Spice Chicken (Paleo): Bun bo xao dressing, rutabaga slaw, cashews, herbs


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