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Date Night, Delivered!

Valentine’s Day means a romantic dinner for two. And without making reservations, you can have the best seat in the house—your house! Stay in and spice things up by cooking Green Chef together.

Did you know 87% of surveyed couples think cooking is a top way to strengthen their relationship? Cooking together is all about communication, after all, and working as a team.
Not to mention, it’s fun!

Or if you want to surprise your sweetheart, cook up some Green Chef solo. No matter whether you’re an old pro in the kitchen or don’t know a radish from a rutabaga, you can create an incredible meal with Green Chef.



Cook with love and love to cook this Valentine’s Day, and every day, with Green Chef.

We’ve also got something special included in our boxes delivering the week of Feb. 6th. You’ll find throwback valentines cards (food-themed of course) you can cut out and pass out to your bae, boo, etc.



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Green Chef delivers everything you need for an ideal date night at home. Our fresh organic ingredients, flavorful chef-crafted sauces, and easy recipes combine for irresistible dinners. The ingredients also come pre-measured and pre-portioned, so you spend less time prepping and more time at the table. Sign up today.


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