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Music Monday – Wedding First Dance Songs

Valentines Day is tomorrow, so we wanted to put together a playlist all about love. But, instead of your normal, run of the mill love songs, we asked all the married folks in Green Chef what song they danced to at their wedding and compiled them all into one mega awesome love song playlist.


When I saw that our next Music Monday playlist was due for February 13th, I knew it had to be a Valentines Day themed one. I’m engaged and currently in the midst of planning a wedding, so I thought a love song playlist of everyone’s wedding songs would be a fun twist. I think it’s interesting how love songs vary from couple to couple. We’ve got some classics like Frank Sinatra, oldies like The Rolling Stones and more modern songs from Daft Punk. I haven’t gotten married yet, but I threw in what my fiance and I are planning on dancing to: Downtown by Macklemore (we don’t have the same taste in music whatsoever, and this song is one of the few that we both actually enjoy.) 

Usually, our Music Monday playlists are around 30-40 minutes long to time with cooking a recipe, but this one is longer so everyone’s songs could be included. I’d suggest pouring some wine, grabbing our Apple-Stuffed Chicken and having a date night together. Did you know that 87% of couples who cook together stay together?

Happy cooking, love birds! — Kara


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