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Dietary Fluidity: Changing How You Eat

When Green Chef was first launched, our goal was to make eating tasty organic dinners both accessible and stress-free. As we grew and added more dietary options to the table, we began to see a trend emerge. Our customers weren’t sticking to one type of diet, but instead, they were using our meal kits to explore new foods and flavors. Green Chef diners love variation, like trying paleo for a few weeks then switching to gluten-free. What a change from routines of the past like “Meatloaf Monday” and “Taco Tuesday.”

We were so encouraged by this unexpected “flexitarian” movement developing in our own community, we set out to uncover trends beyond our users. Our goal was to understand what motivated people to alter how they ate and identify new trends to watch. We worked with Google to survey 1,045 adults across the U.S. on their food habits to get to the belly of this movement.



The Dietary Fluidity Report published today includes many striking results from this survey. One notable finding was that over half the country says they plan to change what they eat in 2017. And most are doing so to get healthier, not to lose weight. We were ecstatic with this result because it confirms our long-time suspicion: People want to try new foods and want to get healthier, but sometimes access to the right foods or a sense of being overwhelmed gets in the way. Meal kits solve both of these common obstacles.

Another interesting finding detailed in the report is that most people consider themselves good cooks. In fact, the data from the survey showed that three-quarters of the respondents think of themselves as kitchen savvy. So, rather than a lack of cooking confidence, it’s other barriers that prevent Americans from cooking. We designed our meal kits to encourage more cooking at home while removing many of the hardships of planning and grocery shopping.

We hope everyone can benefit from this emerging trend toward more fluid eating! See the report highlights here.


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