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“Cooking just fit,” Walt James said of his first culinary job as a line cook. “It seemed like nothing else would ever really make sense for me.” Fast-forward to today, and Walt is still happily donning his apron, now as the head chef to Green Chef’s Aurora, Colorado, production facility. Seven days a week, Walt creates chef-inspired meals for the entire production team to enjoy, from the folks who label the sauces to those who hand-pack ingredients into every box. “In the last year, I’ve grown to understand myself personally as a chef. I’ve been able to develop my own philosophy of food. That’s beautiful to me.”

What is the ‘philosophy of food’ that Walt brings to the table? Walt strives to provide wholesome, healthy meals that use as many organic ingredients as possible, like the ingredients found in every Green Chef box. Exactly like the ingredients in every Green Chef box, actually! Walt’s menu is varied and diverse, as it changes to utilize what’s available from the weekly pack. This also ensures we minimize food waste.


Walt James


“The beauty is we’re ensuring that all our employees are guaranteed to eat a healthy meal,” CEO Michael Joseph (MJ) said. Always passionate about better food experiences for both Green Chef customers and employees, MJ added, “It brings us all together to share this communal experience that is Green Chef.”

There’s another passion that all of Green Chef agrees on: Dessert is awesome. “Everyone loves desserts,” Walt said, laughing. “I could do dessert every day and it would make everyone super happy. Banana pudding is a fan favorite” Walt got his start making desserts, in fact. He shared sweet childhood memories of baking cakes with his mom for any and every occasion. “Lemon cake with lemon icing was my favorite as a kid. I couldn’t get enough of it. I was always in the kitchen with my family. If they were cooking, I was cooking.”

At Green Chef, Walt aims to please as many palates as possible, offering everything from vegan-friendly fare to classic steak and potatoes. “We know that we have people from different backgrounds, regions, cultures. We try to cater to everyone’s tastes and dietary restrictions,” Walt said. “Everyone has an option to choose from.” Walt invites Green Chef team members in Aurora to enjoy the daily entrée, treat themselves to some dessert, and even to offer their two cents. “You can have too many cooks in the kitchen but you can never have enough ideas,” Walt said. “That’s always been my thought process.”

You can try Walt’s delicious creations too! Check out his recipe for a vegan hot cocoa cocktail, crafted specially for Green Chef fans.

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Green Chef makes dinner simply delicious. Our meal kits deliver organic, pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-master recipes, with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, and family options. Sign up today.


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