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Monthly Harvest · April

Each month, stop by the blog and see what our green chefs are cooking. Here’s some of our favorites from April. Share your photos with @GreenChef #DinnerVictory #WeeklyContest


Mediterranean Flatbread and Roasted Beet & Kale Salad 🍴 #dinnervictory #weeklycontest #greenchef

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This is one of the most gorgeous meals I've ever made. Thank you @greenchef!! #greenchef #DinnerVictory #WeeklyContest

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#greenchef #dinnervictory #weeklycontest #artichokebarigoule #yuminmytum @greenchef

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Don’t forget to hashtag your photos on Twitter and Instagram with #DinnerVictory and #WeeklyContest for a chance to win 2 free meals weekly.

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