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Comfort Food Made by Mom

Our moms shape and define our experiences around food for the rest of our lives. So we asked Team Green Chef, “What was your favorite dish your mom made for you growing up?” Let us know what yours were in the comments below!


“Hummus. My mom has been making this dish since she was a little girl living in Syria. Hummus is a staple in the Middle East, where my parents are from, so we enjoyed this savory dish of pureed garbanzo beans (chickpeas) and spices with pita bread pretty frequently and was one of the first dishes my mom taught my siblings and I to make. Depending on region, hummus can be made very differently. In addition to the typical flavors that are found in hummus (salt, lemon, garlic and tahini), Syrian hummus also calls for several spices such as red pepper, cumin, sumac, paprika and olive oil which brings the dish to life. To give the dish a creamier texture, the beans are also shelled before they are pureed. My favorite part of my mom’s dish is the uniqueness of it. I like to think of her hummus as a “living recipe” as she has tweaked the dish several times. She is constantly finding ways to improve her hummus, often taking ideas from my siblings and I. Knowing that our ideas went into the creation of the recipe makes the dish even more special to us.”

Andrew Malek, Marketing Analyst, with his mom Marlene



“My favorite dish growing up was this Vietnamese noodle soup called bun rieu. I will forever crave this. My mom is always experimenting and trying to find ways to improve her recipes. This soup is a pretty traditional Vietnamese soup that is not as well known as Pho, but is just as good or even better. If you like seafood, this soup is amazing. Although it takes some time to make, you will not be disappointed. I’m so glad I got to spend most of my time in the kitchen with her, as I have stolen all her recipes… shhhh don’t tell her! (;”

Cynthia Nguyen, Customer Care, with her mom Navi Tho



“It is hard to choose just one dish to call a favorite of my mom’s. She is a naturally gifted cook and has fed so many people throughout her life! One that stands out would have to be a traditional Indonesian dish called Ketoprak. This dish has so many layers starting with a foundation of homemade peanut sauce hand ground by a stone mortar and pestle laced with spicy Thai chiles and other secret ingredients. This sauce base is then mounted with steamed ketupat -an Indonesian staple- some would call it a rice cake or patties of compacted rice. This is then topped with pieces of tofu, fried to perfection then sprinkled with crushed krupuk or shrimp crackers, and bawang goreng or fried shallots. Last but not least comes a generous drizzle of sweet soy, a perfect compliment to the spicy and savory flavors of the homemade peanut sauce. Just thinking of this dish gets my mouth watering and immediately reminds me of my mom and most importantly, home. Some may know of my family’s journey to the States when I was a young girl of 8. Initially, my mom struggled to find the key ingredients and components of her recipes that were so readily available to us in Indonesia. After several years, she has yet to find a traditional dish that she is unable to replicate, with some warranted modifications. This dish represents how far my entire family has come and how great she is at grounding us and reminding us of where we came from.”

Lindsey Stearns, Customer Care, with her mom Sutji



“My Mom makes THE BEST homemade pizza – think thick crust and gooey cheese. It’s so good that I’ve started making her recipe almost every Friday night to treat myself after a long week!”

— Kara Harms, Social Media and Community Manager, with her mom Dorothy



“My favorite dish my mother made while I was growing up was sweet enchiladas. I loved them! She would make them once in a while because she would make the red sweet chili from scratch. She would make them usually on special cases such as a birthday. Her sweet enchiladas are so tasteful, delicious, and unique. She makes the sweet red chili by adding sugar, Mexican chocolate, red chili, water, garlic and other spices I do not remember. Then she mixes the sauce with oil and lets the sweet chili sauce come to boil. She fries the corn tortillas and dips them in the sweet red chili sauce. She add fresh cheese and rolls them. She makes three to four per plate and adds fresh cheese on the top. These enchiladas are usually accompanied by rice or spaghetti. I love this recipe so much and the next time I see her I will tell her to make me some. Just writing about it brought many good memories like the family times we had while growing up while eating sweet enchiladas.”

— Jessica Ramirez, Customer Care, with her mom Maria

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