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Get Your Grill On, Indoors

Okay, we confess. We think just about everything is better outdoors. We are a Colorado company after all. So it’s no surprise that we love grilling. Those crosshatch grill marks? That smoky flavor? One word: yum.

If your mouth is watering, but you’re feeling envious, you may be one of our many city-dwelling friends. But not to worry—it’s easy to bring the cookout indoors with these simple tips.

Meet the Grill Pan

A grill pan is your best bet for grilling indoors. It gives you high, direct heat on a ridged cooking surface, just like an outdoor grill. Yep, you’ll get those tempting grill marks with a grill pan. A grill pan is also preferable to an enclosed contact grill because it won’t trap soggy steam.

For perfectly seared proteins, preheat your grill pan until hot. We especially love cast iron grill pans because they hold onto heat and can handle high temperatures.

Use Oil Smartly

Traditional grilling calls for very little additional fat, and grilling indoors is no different. To prevent your food from sticking, dip a paper towel in oil and rub it along the top of the grill pan’s ridges before preheating. Don’t use too much! Excess oil will pool in the valleys between the ridges and burn up.

Be sure to use oil with a high smoke point, like safflower or avocado oil. Speaking of smoke…

Keep Smoke Down

That complex charred flavor that comes from grilling can only be achieved with smoke, which poses a small problem when cooking indoors. You can reduce the amount of smoke by following the tips above, but some smoke is inevitable (and desirable). Always prepare by opening your windows and turning on the stove’s exhaust for proper ventilation.

You can also cheat a little by imparting smoky flavor with spices, like smoked salt or chipotle.

Now you’re ready to get grillin’ this summer! Keep an eye out for more delicious grilling recipes coming up on the Green Chef menu.


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      Hi Susan, you can find all of our upcoming menus by following this link, then selecting the meal plan of your choosing: https://greenchef.com/home.

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      Hi Rynne, to view the full nutritional facts for each meal click into the recipe you want to view and scroll all the way to the bottom! There, you will find a full list of ingredients, macronutrients, and nutritional information.

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