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Eggcellent, Supherb New Packaging

Green Chef Egg Carton

Yep, we have even more packaging improvements to tell you about! Green Chef is always striving to be greener than ever, so we’re proud to introduce our new egg cartons and herb clamshells.

Egg Cartons

Our new egg cartons are simple, sturdy, and sustainable. No yolks about it. Made of fully recyclable wood pulp, these cartons can join the cardboard in your curbside recycling bin.

They’re also compostable. Here’s a fun tip: Start a window herb garden using the cartons as planters. Then, when the seedlings grow bigger, plant them directly in the ground in your yard—carton and all!

Herb Clamshells

These clamshells will keep your herbs fresh and protected. This reduces potential food waste: less smooshed herbs, more delicious flavor.

Our new herb clamshells are also curbside recyclable. Made of food-safe, BPA-free, #1 PET plastic, the clamshells can be tossed in your curbside recycling bin (just like water bottles).



Did you know? We offset 100% of our carbon emissions from operations, including shipment of every single box. Go here to read more about our green initiatives and how to recycle or reuse our all our packaging materials.


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