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We’re three years old

We get a little sentimental on our birthday. *Green Chef stares off wistfully*

Since October 2014, we’ve designed over 1,300 delicious dinners made of the highest-quality organic ingredients.

That’s a lot of variety! (It’s also a lot of not-grocery-shopping.)

But let’s be honest: We all have our favorite Green Chef recipes. Which is why we’re excited for the menu that ships the week of October 16!

Introducing: Green Chef Favorites

You asked for seconds, and we heard you!

To celebrate our birthday, we curated a special menu for the week of October 16: We brought back all of your most loved and most requested recipes from the last three years. We call it Green Chef Favorites. That’s right: all the plans we offer that week are made up of recipes that received rave reviews from you, our customers.

It’s like we’re airing a marathon of all your favorite classic reruns all week long.

Chef Dana Says

“I love Green Chef’s birthday. We get to look at all the unique recipes we’ve created over the last few years and select some of your favorites to showcase!”

Chef Dana loves the Cauliflower Fritters and Five-Spice Chicken, and both are featured in the Green Chef Favorites menu.

Cauliflower Fritters

All the comfort of fritters, with a healthy update. Crispy cauliflower fritters are served over farro tossed with baby spinach and roasted apple. Sautéed veggies make an earthy side, while a drizzle of ginger-cilantro tahini sauce adds a bright, nutty finish.

This recipe is available in these plans: Omnivore, Vegetarian, or Family

Five-Spice Chicken

A nourishing dish full of bold flavors. Chicken dusted with a Chinese five-spice blend is pan-seared, then roasted tender. It’s served with a hearty rutabaga slaw — tossed with cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, and herbs — for a nutrient boost.

This recipe is available in these plans: Paleo or Keto (note: the Paleo and Keto versions vary slightly)


Chef Dana, Executive Chef.

Don’t Miss Your Favorites

Green Chef Favorites is delivered during the week of October 16. Order during the week of October 9th-13th to receive this special menu. Don’t forget that the latest you can order is the same weekday as your set delivery day. For example, if your Green Chef is delivered on Thursdays, the latest you can change your order is the Thursday preceding the delivery.

Five Favorites

Here are five of our Green Chef Favorites. Say that fast three times.

Durban Bunny Chow: This South African favorite isn’t for the rabbits! Bunny chow — a curry served in a hollowed-out bread loaf — is prepared here with delicata squash in lieu of bread. The squash is roasted, then topped with a veggie curry. A pickled carrot salad and a side of rice complete the savory meal.

Available in the Vegan plan.

Harissa-Honey Chicken: Middle Eastern flavors star in this savory dish. Pan-seared chicken breasts are roasted to a juicy finish, then served over smashed garbanzo beans seasoned with an aromatic za’atar spice blend (featuring sumac and sesame seeds). Harissa-honey walnuts add a smoky-sweet crunch on top.

Available in the Carnivore, Omnivore, and Family plans.

Green Curry Cod: A nourishing meal inspired by Thai flavors. Cod fillets are marinated in ginger-garlic coconut milk, then roasted to a flaky finish. The fish is served over red bell pepper, carrot, and baby bok choy simmered in a green coconut curry sauce. Cashews, coconut, and red pepper flakes garnish the dish.

Available in the Paleo and Keto plans (note: the Keto version varies slightly from the Paleo version).

Steak ‘n’ Eggs: Classic steak and eggs with a veggie boost. Sirloin steaks are simply seasoned, then pan-seared to a tender finish. They’re served over a thyme-seasoned hash — made here with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. It’s all topped with a fried egg and smoky paprika-spiced tomato sauce for a true breakfast-at-dinner treat.

Available in the Gluten-Free, Paleo, Family, and Keto plans (note: the Keto version varies slightly from the others).

Miso-Herb Tofu Bowl: Sweet and earthy flavors unite in this nourishing dish. Spiced broccoli and snap peas — coated with sesame seeds — are served alongside black lentils drizzled in a miso-herb oil. It’s all topped with roasted tofu marinated in a balsamic-tamari sauce. Toasted almonds and a dried currant and apricot garnish lend the meal a sweet crunch.

Available in the Vegan plan.

Behind the Scenes: How We Selected Green Chef Favorites

We’re not mind-readers. You see, there’s a process to how we curated Green Chef Favorites.

We don’t want to get too technical, but we measure your behavioral feedback in units of nom-noms. The more nom-noms a dinner gets, the better. For the last year, we tallied all the nom-noms. Then our nom-nom technician entered it into our proprietary nom-nom formula, carried the 2, subtracted 5, and divided by 1.

In non-sciencey terms, that means you told us what you loved and we listened. The Green Chef Favorites menu is made up of your most loved, most requested recipes from the last three years.



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