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No Tricks About It: These Treats Are Scary Good

Costumes will be worn, doorbells will be rung, and sweets will fill the bags of trick-or-treaters. With Halloween quickly approaching, our chefs have compiled a list of better-for-you treats to hand out that won’t make the neighborhood children, or their parents, want to scream.

  1. Fruit Leathers

Fruit Leathers provide the satisfaction of a gummy candy without all of the unwanted ingredients. We love Veggie-Go’s, a Boulder-based company, because they offer a variety of organic fruit- and veggie-based snacks perfect for every princess and ninja warrior in the neighborhood.

  1. Natural Candy

Natural Candy is a sweet alternative to traditional candy products. One of our favorites, UNREAL, is a natural candy company founded by two teenage brothers on a mission to un-junk the world. These candies are vegan, organic, and free of artificial flavorings, GMOs, and gluten.

  1. Snack Size Popcorn

Snack size popcorn bags are a great option for Halloween. They provide a satisfying, salty crunch and come pre-packaged for easy handouts. We love Boom Chicka Pop’s kettle corn for a sweet crunch!

  1. 100% Juice Boxes

Food doesn’t have to be the only thing you hand out on Halloween. 100% juice boxes are perfect to wash down any treat!

Stock up on these treats for your tiny guests and soon you’ll be the most popular house on the block. Happy Halloween from Green Chef!


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