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Spooky Halloween Snacks

Halloween is here and we have some snacks that will turn your house into spooky central. Banana ghosts, pumpkin cuties, and pretzel brooms, oh my!

These quick goodies are the perfect way to end a night of trick-or-treating. Each only takes a few minutes to make and is sure to keep your ghouls and goblins satisfied.

Banana Ghosts


  • Bananas
  • Eyes from the cake decorating section of your grocery store or mini chocolate chips


  • Slice a banana in half
  • Push chocolate chips or cake decorating eyes into your banana


Pumpkin Cuties


  • 1 bag of cuties
  • 4 stalks of celery


  • Peel cuties
  • Wash, dry & slice celery and insert into the top of each cutie
  • Use celery leaves and arrange to look like pumpkin leaves

Pretzel Brooms


  • 1 pack of string cheese
  • 1 bag of stick pretzels


  • Slice a cheese stick in thirds crosswise 
  • Cut several slices into one end of each cheese stick
  • Slide end of pretzel stick into flat end of cheese stick to make a “broom”


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