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Meet Your Suppliers: Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (LFFC) is a farmers’ cooperative consisting of over 100 family farmers. Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, this organic co-op focuses on producing high-quality foods by utilizing some regenerative practices to maintain and enrich soils on their small-scale family farms.

LFFC provides Green Chef with certified organic fruits, vegetables, and other farm products. The cooperative supports farmers who are working to make their farms sustainable.

Lancaster serves to educate and support its farmers so they can provide highly consistent and premium-quality products. LFFC increases public awareness of sound, sustainable agricultural practices through their actions and words. The co-op has gained a lot of momentum in the local food movement by adhering to strict guidelines and having transparent communication with the farmers and the families they support.

Working with LFFC is important to us because we want to support family farmers who care about the environment and their produce. We want you to feel secure in choosing a brand that digs deep into the important stuff, such as sourcing ingredients. At Green Chef, we constantly curate the best, and that starts on the farms we use. 


We care about where your food comes from and know you do too. We work with the highest-quality suppliers to bring the best to your doorstep. Sign up and experience the difference today.



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