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Meet Your Suppliers: Callicrate Cattle Company

Every chef-created Green Chef meal begins with protein that has been sourced to the highest possible standards. When it comes to that tender steak that shows up on the doorstep in your Green Chef meal kit, we always choose ranchers who have raised their cattle entirely on grass. This is an important distinction because the “grass-fed” beef you see in stores may mean that a cow has only ever eaten a few blades of grass in its lifetime.

Callicrate Cattle Company ensures that their animals are raised humanely, antibiotic free, and 100% lifetime grass-fed, which is why we choose to work hand and hand with them to bring the best to you. Founder Mike Callicrate is committed to transparency and passionate about providing the highest standard product from pasture to plate.

Callicrate’s herds are managed in an environmentally restorative manner to ensure the health of the cows and the land. The ranch employs regenerative agricultural practices, such as using a high-heat process to turn bone into charcoal, which is called biochar. The biochar can then be finely ground and added to compost and other nutrient-rich organic materials to create a natural fertilizer that helps rebuild healthy soils.

These farming values, beliefs, and practices are what sets Callicrate apart. We put a lot of effort into making sure we curate the quality of ingredients you expect from Green Chef, and the relationship we’ve nurtured with Callicrate gives us the confidence to bring the best to you.

“Green Chef came to our ranch before we really started doing business with them and they hung out,” said Mike Callicrate, “They were here, took the tour, stayed and just watched what we did, and I was really impressed. It’s an honor for us to have people take the time to make a trip out and see us in Kansas and see exactly how our food is being produced.”

We take time to make sure first-rate products are delivered to your doorstep. Sign up today to taste the difference.



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