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This is Vegan

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Vegan has arrived at Green Chef. So, how will Green Chef “do” vegan? Like we do everything else: with creativity, and a deep focus on both flavor and nutrition. Expect clean, whole foods. Expect to learn something new. Expect to feel satisfied, not stuffed. And expect more than just salads. Want to give us a try, sign up today.  …

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Green Chef Teams Up with Ford Warriors in Pink

Green Chef Teams Up with Ford Warriors in Pink to Bring More Good Days to Those Fighting Breast Cancer 1,000 Complimentary Organic Meal Kits Offered to Breast Cancer Patients Green Chef, the first and leading USDA-certified organic meal kit delivery company, today announced it will work with Ford Warriors in Pink’s More Good Days initiative to deliver 1,000 organic meal kits – enough ingredients and recipes for 6,000 nutritious meals – to breast cancer patients and caregivers across the country.…

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Vegan Has Arrived: Introducing Green Chef’s Newest Menu

Green Chef has always been about making dinner work for you. Your schedule. Your preferences. We know that eating isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. It’s about what feels right for your body. Often, it’s about trying out something new to discover what feels right. That’s why it’s been a priority for us to offer a range of menus from day one. We currently offer menus dedicated to gluten-free, vegetarian, and paleo eaters, among others. And starting the week of June 6,…

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Just Like Mom Made: Mother’s Day Recipes From the Women Who Raised Us

When we think about Mother’s Day, most of us think about letting Mom kick back and relax — treating her to breakfast in bed or a nice dinner out. But when we think about Mom, most of us also think about Mom’s cooking. That’s why we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day with a Green Chef “Mom’s recipe” exchange — and by featuring a couple of those recipes in our menu. Here are the stories behind our Taiwanese Scallion Pancakes and…

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