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Meet Team Green Chef: Chef Alan (Vegan)

As a young man Chef Alan Roettinger once heard the term “gourmet” defined simply as “someone who’d rather starve than eat bad food.” He was just starting out in the culinary world, but the words sparked a deep sense of recognition. “It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy,” he says. “It just has to be good food. Otherwise, what’s the point of going through the hassle of chewing?” We’re so excited to introduce Alan as our new vegan chef.…

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Meet Team Green Chef: Executive Chef Dana

By cooking with Green Chef, you are inviting us into your kitchens. So we wanted to invite you into our kitchen and get to know more about the people behind the scenes of Team Green Chef. As the maestro of our culinary team, Executive Chef Dana shares about her upbringing, being a working mom, and how Green Chef makes it easy to learn how to cook.   What was it like eating at home growing up? My mom’s from the…

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