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Green Chef How To: Recycle Your Green Chef Packaging

At Green Chef, we are committed to sustainable business practices. That commitment starts with our name and carries through everything we do. Green Chef is continuously innovating to provide the most eco-friendly packaging that also protects the quality and safety of your food. The sustainability of our packaging has progressed leaps and bounds since we first opened. And we’ll continue to evolve our packaging as new solutions become available. We know that, at times, the task of recycling each piece…

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Eggcellent, Supherb New Packaging

Green Chef Egg Carton

Yep, we have even more packaging improvements to tell you about! Green Chef is always striving to be greener than ever, so we’re proud to introduce our new egg cartons and herb clamshells. Egg Cartons Our new egg cartons are simple, sturdy, and sustainable. No yolks about it. Made of fully recyclable wood pulp, these cartons can join the cardboard in your curbside recycling bin. They’re also compostable. Here’s a fun tip: Start a window herb garden using the cartons…

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It’s a Wrap! Making Sure Your Plastic Wrap Gets a Second Life

You’ve received your Green Chef box, savored your responsibly sourced, grass-fed sirloin steak with chimichurri sauce, and now you’re staring at the empty packaging strewn across your kitchen counter. The cardboard box, paper bags, and plastic jars are easy enough to chuck into your curbside recycling bin, but what about the plastic bags? The ice packs? In fact, plastic packaging makes up 40% of the plastic we use in our daily lives, and a surprising amount of it is recyclable. “Most…

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Every Day Is Earth Day at Green Chef

We take the “green” part of Green Chef seriously. Green Chef is constantly looking for new ways to minimize our impact on the environment and to be eco-friendlier than ever. In celebration of Earth Day, we’re proud to announce our latest step toward shrinking our footprint: through more planet-friendly packaging.   By the numbers If you’re a long-time Green Chef fan, you’ve already seen our packaging improve. Last year, Green Chef: Slimmed box size and weight 20% smaller, 21% less…

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Lunch for All

“Cooking just fit,” Walt James said of his first culinary job as a line cook. “It seemed like nothing else would ever really make sense for me.” Fast-forward to today, and Walt is still happily donning his apron, now as the head chef to Green Chef’s Aurora, Colorado, production facility. Seven days a week, Walt creates chef-inspired meals for the entire production team to enjoy, from the folks who label the sauces to those who hand-pack ingredients into every box.…

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