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Green Things Come in Small Packages

Here at Green Chef, we’re committed to providing increasingly eco-friendly packaging. This means constantly evaluating, innovating, and challenging ourselves to do better. You can see this commitment in action with our new tinier box. This trim box weighs less, requires fewer ice packs, and keeps all ingredients at top quality. Thanks to efficient design, more boxes can share a ride together, reducing our fuel use and overall carbon footprint.     But this is just one way our packaging is…

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How to Regrow and Reuse Scallions

Scallions or green onions, are a kitchen staple. These peppery alliums can be used raw to add a bit of zesty crunch to finished dishes, or sautéed for their mild, oniony flavor. But the best part? Like most root vegetables, you can regrow scallions almost indefinitely on your kitchen counter with just a glass of water. We at Green Chef love the idea of recycling your veggies. Fresh food and minimized waste? Yes, please! We ship our root vegetables with…

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Hey Jute: A Greener Insulation.

We’re excited to announce an update to our packaging: a transition to revolutionarily eco-friendly jute insulation. What’s jute? It’s a renewable plant fiber that comes from Asia’s jute plant. Our new insulation is made from 100% recycled jute, derived from burlap sacks used to transport coffee and cocoa beans. The insulation’s plastic wrapper is 100% recycled, and can be recycled wherever #4 plastics are accepted. The jute itself is completely compostable. Got a yard? You can compost your jute at home and use it in…

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