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Spring Eating: Six Tips For Eating More Veggies

The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer, which only means one thing: spring is here. Spring cleaning is a must, and usually, that means it’s time to grab a vacuum and tackle those lingering dust bunnies once and for all. However, this year we are taking a different approach to our annual cleaning routine by tidying up our diets. That starts with eating more vegetables. These six simple steps will help you pack more veggies into…

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We’re Cooking Up New Things for 2018

At Green Chef, we love discovering new foods as much as you do. Throughout the year, we’ll be debuting unique ingredients to enliven your cooking routine and delight your palate. You may have already gotten the opportunity to cook our colorful, aromatic jade pearl rice, or our enticing purple sweet potatoes. But that’s just a taste of what’s in store! In the upcoming weeks, you can also experience umami-rich XO sauce, a golden blend of Hawaij spices, and more. Can’t…

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Eating Pescatarian With Green Chef

Whether you are an occasional fish eater or a major seafoodie, we have good news. Green Chef makes it easy for you to eat pescatarian with our delivery service.   First, let’s break down the basics. Pesce, the Italian word for fish, is associated with people who add aquatic animals to a vegetarian diet. Pescatarians eat freshwater and saltwater fish and shellfish in addition to the fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, eggs, and dairy vegetarians typically consume. While Green Chef doesn’t…

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Tips for Managing Keto Diet Macros Like a Boss

We want to help our customers take the guesswork out of making dinner, especially when it comes to maintaining specialty diets—like keto! Whether you’re looking for new options to maintain a low-carb lifestyle or following a strict ketogenic regimen, Green Chef Keto is flexible enough for anyone. With this handy guide, you can easily customize your Green Chef Keto meals so they satisfy your macro goals and personal tastes. Limit Carbs Green Chef Keto meals typically contain less than 20g…

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Get Your Grill On, Indoors

Okay, we confess. We think just about everything is better outdoors. We are a Colorado company after all. So it’s no surprise that we love grilling. Those crosshatch grill marks? That smoky flavor? One word: yum. If your mouth is watering, but you’re feeling envious, you may be one of our many city-dwelling friends. But not to worry—it’s easy to bring the cookout indoors with these simple tips. Meet the Grill Pan A grill pan is your best bet for…

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