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How to Regrow and Reuse Scallions

Scallions or green onions, are a kitchen staple. These peppery alliums can be used raw to add a bit of zesty crunch to finished dishes, or sautéed for their mild, oniony flavor. But the best part? Like most root vegetables, you can regrow scallions almost indefinitely on your kitchen counter with just a glass of water. We at Green Chef love the idea of recycling your veggies. Fresh food and minimized waste? Yes, please! We ship our root vegetables with…

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Bring Green Chef to your next Potluck

Summer is here and that means lots of gatherings with food. Our culinary team has crafted some of our recipes with that in mind. Take for example this week’s Blueberry-Kale Salad. Just prepare and cook it as you normally would, then plate all the portions together in a serving bowl. So if you’re wondering what to bring to your next potluck, we’re here to help you make an impression with fresh, delicious recipes. Oh, and we don’t mind if you…

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Beer Pairings for Memorial Day Dishes

If there’s one topic at Green Chef that triggers a passionate conversation, it’s beer. Our chefs have crafted an awesome menu for Memorial Day, so we asked our resident beer lovers to give us their take on which beers pair perfectly with the dishes you’ll be cooking with us this week. There are even a couple of hard cider recommendations for our gluten-free recipes. Cheers!   GOLDEN ALE Recommendation: Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave Golden Ale Joey says, “Double-down on…

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6 Signature Green Chef Substitutions

We get asked a lot about creative alternatives to common everyday household ingredients or snacks. What would Green Chef do, you might be wondering? So we went straight to the source. From our very own Executive Chef Dana, here are 6 signature Green Chef substitutions that you can easily do at home.   1. Bring kale chips instead of potato chips to your next picnic. Salt and vinegar chips are my favorite! For a clever alternative, I use powdered vinegar…

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